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AVGSS group constantly works towards improving the quality and accessibility of health care to the marginalised and vulnerable communities.

The AVGSS group's healthcare efforts include combating communicable diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis, improving maternal and neonatal health, and expanding access to cancer care in the country.

Our programmes promote good health and healthy practices by upgrading primary and community health centres, raising awareness through various campaigns, and supporting and promoting sanitation and hygiene. The new global health goal promotes healthy lifestyles, preventive measures, and modern, efficient healthcare for all. Unfortunately, many communities continue to lack access to safe drinking water, adequate sanitation, and nutritious food, leaving them vulnerable to disease.  

Cancer care

Blood donation camps

On the request of various blood banks and hospitals, the AVGSS group holds blood donation camps from time to time in various cities and colleges. We assist hospitals that are in desperate need of blood units. The goals of our blood donation camps have always been to assist blood banks by meeting their blood unit requirements, to motivate people, particularly young people and women, to donate blood, and to save lives. Last but not least, provide blood units to poor and needy people who are in need of blood but cannot afford to purchase it from blood banks Arrow


Malnutrition is the most important humanitarian cause at AVGSS group. These interventions involve giving ration and food assistance to needy individuals. We have consistently worked to improve beneficiaries' food security and diet with cash as well. However, malnutrition has many causes, and evidence suggests that children are more likely to be malnourished. With our team's efforts, the overall occurrence of acute malnutrition in children is now lower. Arrow
Nutrition and food fortification

Rural Health care

Our goal at AVGSS group is to build a network of sustainable rural primary care clinics across India, focusing on poor populations who cannot afford quality health care. Rural healthcare entails assisting farmers and other underserved communities across India in gaining access to effective healthcare at a reasonable cost and within a reasonable distance.

Our mission is to eliminate the lack of health care facilities in rural India by providing affordable quality health care in remote villages where the state's health care delivery system is deficient.

Our goal is to open hundreds of units in the most remote parts of India.