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Through training and literacy programmes, we assist rural communities, farmers, and disadvantaged women in achieving independence and dignity.

Our intervention is intended to assist

Women lead, participate in, and benefit from governance systems on an equal footing.

Women have financial security, decent work, and economic independence.

Every woman and girl deserves a life free of all forms of violence.

Women and girls contribute to and have a greater influence in fostering long-term peace and resilience, and they benefit equally from natural disaster and conflict prevention, as well as humanitarian action.

Cancer care

Tree Plantation Skill development

The AVGSS group believes that "he who plants a tree builds a root of hope for a better and friendlier environment." We work to improve, conserve, and protect Mother Nature. We plant saplings and nurture them to become trees. Our goal is to raise awareness and empower people to give back to nature and live in an environment that promotes their health and well-being. Arrow

Women Empowerment

We at AVGSS group work on three L's of women empowerment i.e Learning, Labour and Leadership. We have recently planned a 3L approach to ensure women empowerment. The 3Ls stand for learning, labour, and leadership emphasis on the importance of educating girls in order to get them involved in economic activities. Labor enables women to thrive and reach their full potential. Finally, women must be given the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership abilities as it helps to rise and build their inner talents. Arrow