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Creating an alluring, engaging and zealous space for people who take their leisure-time and food seriously.

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Hospitality has always been our core target. However, the hospitality market space is a tricky one. Relentless competition, managing customer expectations, reputation management, staff retention and finding the ROI-friendly engagement ideas – these are just some of the many challenges that one faces as a restaurant / club owner.

We are very proud to have birthed hospitality establishments that hold strong ground in Mumbai. Amethhyyst Lounge Bar – AVGSS Group’s first step into the hospitality market in the western suburbs of Mumbai. It’s a slick nightclub with a high-energy ambiance serving light bites, plus cocktails & hookah. Amethhyyst XCI – a superior extension of Amethhyst. This one’s located in the southern part of Mumbai. Ametrine24 is another feather in our cap in the hospitality space. Named after the bi-color gemstone, Ametrine24 reflects the core ethos of the AVGSS Group when it comes to hosting foodies in the city


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The big event is being organised by Sa Re Ga Ma and the hospitality partner is Amethhyyst
As per the organisers, 80 percent of tickets are already sold out.
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