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AVGSS Energy

By the community for the community welfare

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AVGSS Energy Private Limited is one of the leading coal suppliers in Mahad. It was Founded by the company’s MD – Sushant G Jabare.
We are one of the efficacious energy production companies offering an extensive range of products and solutions catering to a wide range of potential customers.
We have grown gradually, gaining significant insights into each aspect related to the coal business. This has helped us in overall growth of the company, with significant supply of Indonesian coal.
Most of the modern society makes use of energy for different purposes. Its use or consumption is frequently used to gauge one's standard of living.
We use energy in the form of firewood, fossil fuels, and electricity to make life more comfortable and convenient.
AVGSS Group has expertise in the energy sector by deploying the right resources at the right place, resulting in better resource utilisation and the availability of new and advanced methods of effective energy sources.
The AVGSS team follows the ideology that energy saved is energy sourced; at our core, we believe that saving energy is a form of energy generation. We back the idea of ceasing unnecessary consumption of energy.