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AVGSS group is well aware that businesses can play a significant role in environmental protection. That is why we plan to work hard and protect endangered species, shrinking habitats, and fragile ecosystems.

The health of the planet has an impact on all life on Earth. Our goal is to accelerate the delivery of timely healthcare while also managing our environmental impact and investing in nature and biodiversity.

Cancer care

Tree Plantation

The AVGSS group believes that "he who plants a tree builds a root of hope for a better and friendlier environment." We work to improve, conserve, and protect Mother Nature. We plant saplings and nurture them to become trees. Our goal is to raise awareness and empower people to give back to nature and live in an environment that promotes their health and well-being. Arrow

Beach Cleaning

AVGSS group has adopted particular beaches and we aid in keeping them clean and educating visitors about the importance of these complex ecosystems. The process of Beach cleaning or clean-up involves removing solid litter, dense chemicals, and organic debris that has been deposited on a beach or coastline by the tide, local visitors, or tourists. Every year, twice we have volunteers who join us for the beach cleaning. Arrow